Kim’s Blueberry Maca Sludge #greensmoothie . Okay, this isn’t the prettiest thing so I tried to dress it up for it’s headshot. Lol. 😁👏 Powerful antioxidant energy morning delight!  🌿🍃🌱#organic #kale #blueberries #lime #cilantro #celery #banana #maca #coconutwater #raw

Kim’s Blueberry Maca Sludge #greensmoothie . Okay, this isn’t the prettiest thing so I tried to dress it up for it’s headshot. Lol. 😁👏 Powerful antioxidant energy morning delight! 🌿🍃🌱#organic #kale #blueberries #lime #cilantro #celery #banana #maca #coconutwater #raw

Medicinal Plants! Provided by God for humankind.

I have been hearing about cannabis oil and it’s medicinal uses more and more lately.  Especially with the use of killing cancer cells.  While I am no pot smoker, I am completely intrigued by this type of treatment (and any natural non-toxic remedy) when it can save or improve people’s lives.  And this is being proved time and time again, folks.  Of course, this type of treatment does not involve smoking marijuana, so don’t get too up in arms (or disappointed.. which ever case it may be)!  You don’t get “high” from the treatment.  Instead it is in a concentrated oil form with no serious side effects reported.   It is easily and cheaply made.  With the future of cancer on the rise, I believe we will need to find alternatives to the ultra-expensive and toxic ways we are treating cancer today.  If this truly is one way to help save lives, then by all means, we must support it and move on from the archaic notion that a natural God-given plant is forbidden by law.  Utter nonsense!

The most recent comprehensive published study was in Madrid by the Complutense University.  It found the chemicals in cannabis promote the death of brain cancer cells by essentially helping them feed upon themselves in a process called autophagy. The research team discovered that cannabinoids such as THC had anticancer effects in mice with human brain cancer cells and in people with brain tumors. When mice with the human brain cancer cells received the THC, the tumor shrank. Using electron microscopes to analyze brain tissue taken both before and after a 26-to 30-day THC treatment regimen, the researchers found that THC eliminated cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. The patients did not have any toxic effects from the treatment; previous studies of THC for the treatment of cancer have also found the therapy to be well tolerated.

Another study was conducted by the Harvard Medical School and it showed that marijuana cuts lung cancer tumor growth in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread.

Check this short video out:

 The cure for cancer and it’s information is constantly changing, so it’s important to be able to keep an open mind.  Clearly older methods aren’t working 100%, and while there are no guarantees with any new form of curing any disease, we must keep the dialogue open.  And the treatments AVAILABLE to all.

As always, do your research on anything you plan on putting in your body.  That includes FOOD, especially packaged foods.  :)

In good health,


May the sparks of this mid summer’s fire carry your desires up into the universe. 🔥🌞#summersolstice

May the sparks of this mid summer’s fire carry your desires up into the universe. 🔥🌞#summersolstice

And so it happened again, the daily miracle whereby interiority opens out and brings to bloom the million-petalled flower of being here, in the world, with other people. Neither as hard as she had thought it might be nor as easy as it appeared.

And so it happened again, the daily miracle whereby interiority opens out and brings to bloom the million-petalled flower of being here, in the world, with other people. Neither as hard as she had thought it might be nor as easy as it appeared.

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you I could walk in my garden forever.

I do not know whether I was then a woman dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a woman. #butterfly  #iambecoming #zhuangzi

I do not know whether I was then a woman dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a woman. #butterfly #iambecoming #zhuangzi

The FDA doesn’t approve, so it can’t be true…

In 1971, President Nixon declared a war on cancer. In the ensuing decades, tens of billions of dollars have been spent on the cause, yet a cure by orthodox means remains elusive. By many standards this campaign has been a failed endeavor.  Although hope is still out there.  It’s up to each individual to empower themselves with knowledge of the myriad ways to eradicate cancer without harming the body. Although it’s easier to prevent cancer than to reverse it once it has taken hold, it is nevertheless reversible with holistic therapies that address imbalances of the body, mind and spirit. This is not an opinion; it is a statement of fact that’s based on my first-hand experience.  I opted out of chemotherapy and hormone drugs, even though my oncologist told me I was making a big mistake, as my type of breast cancer was an aggressive type.  But it was the best “mistake” I’ve ever made.  But it’s been hard work.  And I’m still working on it every day, and I will for the rest of my life.   

A comprehensive approach to healing cancer includes at least the following eight factors:

  • 1. Proper nutrition and clean water
  • 2. Detoxification
  • 3. Immune building
  • 4. Oxygen therapy
  • 5. Natural chemotherapies
  • 6. Lifestyle changes: adequate sleep, sunlight & exercise
  • 7. A positive attitude
  • 8. Spiritual cleansing

Regardless of the cancer’s aggressiveness, the body will respond to this holistic approach - the speed and degree to which it does so is commensurate with the diligence and extent to which these eight factors are applied. No cancer treatment, conventional or otherwise, comes with an iron-clad guarantee; however, it’s important to consider that orthodox treatments ravage the body and ignore the underlying causes while alternative treatments strengthen the body and address its healing requirements.

These guidelines are merely an overview of what a comprehensive holistic protocol would include. The term “cancer survivor” refers to those who have been diagnosed with the disease and are still alive – whether they are in remission or not. The cancer survivor should adopt as many of these strategies as is feasible, slowly incorporating them into one’s lifestyle and working with a naturopath if necessary.  (In my case, Nashville’s holistic M.D. Dr. Steven ReismanDr. E.K. Schandl, and an ayurvedic team of healers among other specialists.)

It’s useful to determine whether the body’s chronic stressors include specific nutritional deficiencies, absorption problems and/or the burden of toxic heavy metals (which was the case with my cancer).  This insight is possible through analysis of hair, urine or blood, and will help determine which supplements and therapies will enhance treatment. Without addressing these conditions, optimum healing may be delayed or prevented.

1. Nutrition

Proper nutrition and pure filtered water is critical to a successful anti-cancer strategy. Diet alone can make or break the effectiveness of any cancer treatment and is therefore the most important strategic point. Knowing which foods feed cancer cells, which interfere with the treatment, and which assist in healing is vital.

Refined sugar feeds and strengthens cancer cells and should be the first substance to be eliminated. Sugar substitutes, refined flour and trans fatty acids damage the body and numerous studies link them to cancer. Dairy and all mucus-forming foods should also be avoided. Processed foods, carbonated beverages, coffee, alcohol, chlorine and fluoride fall into the category of foods and substances that interfere with healing and may fuel the cancer’s growth. Conversely, a diet of nutrient-rich foods will enhance all levels of the healing process.

All plant foods contain nutrients that aid healing. Herbs, fruits and vegetables have properties that protect against and inhibit the proliferation of cancer while strengthening, cleansing and repairing the body. These include green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.), sea vegetables, fruits (especially berries and dark grapes with seeds and skins), garlic, ginger and turmeric among many others. A diet containing an abundance of organic plant foods provides layers of nutritional protection.

Concentrated fats from flax oil and olive oil may be used unheated while coconut oil can be used for cooking. Although these healthy oils as well as fats from whole foods such as avocados, nuts and seeds provide the essential fatty acids necessary for oxygenation of cells, they should nevertheless be kept to a minimum (approximately 15% of diet) since fat slows digestion and in large quantities may accelerate tumor growth. Once the cancer is stabilized this restriction may be relaxed.

Animal protein should be eliminated if possible; however, we are all of different constitutions, so for those who must consume flesh, it should be restricted to small amounts of organic, pasture-fed beef or poultry, and wild-caught fish. Beans and legumes are an excellent source of fiber and many important nutrients and may be consumed in moderation.

While whole grains also contain fiber and nutrients, there is disagreement among experts as to their place in a healing diet. Due in part to their sugar and gluten content, and the digestive load they place on the body already burdened by cancer, they should be eliminated or restricted to gluten-free varieties, at least until the condition is stable. Likewise, natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup should also be restricted while cancer remains active. The herb stevia is a safe sweetener.

The cancer survivor should aim for a diet that is at least 80% raw. This will ensure an alkaline environment as well as an ample supply of enzymes for healing processes. Oral supplementation of digestive enzymes with meals and systemic enzymes on an empty stomach will further aid healing.

2. Detoxification

Effective healing requires the removal of accumulated toxins and metabolic wastes. Being mindful to eliminate or minimize the ingestion of processed foods, substances, and environmental toxins that inhibit the healing process is of primary importance. It’s also beneficial to begin a healing regimen with a cleanse of the kidneys, liver and colon to remove stored toxins. There are many effective cleansing formulas and procedures that can be found at health food stores, the internet, or through a holistic healer.

In addition to consciously avoiding toxic exposure and cleansing the organs of elimination, there are various therapies and practices that will help purify the body. Some include daily stretching to release acids from tissues; rebounding on a mini-trampoline to move lymph fluid, flush waste, and increase the number and activity of white blood cells; perspiring in a infared sauna to purge toxins through the skin; juicing to alkalize and cleanse tissues, and castor oil packs to enhance circulation, stimulate the immune system and aid in detoxification.

Toxic build-up can also be released through fasting, which helps to heal and rejuvenate the body. The practice of coffee enemas should also be considered since it prevents the re-absorption of toxins, cleanses the blood and liver, and counteracts the symptoms of a potential healing crisis. To be clear on how to proceed with a fast or enema it may be necessary to speak with a health care professional.

3. Immune Building

The immune system is our body’s natural defense against harmful substances and abnormal cell development. Any cell within the body can mutate in response to negative stressors, but a healthy immune system will stop its growth and defend against an uncontrollable malignancy. There are various groups of white blood cells that possess an innate intelligence for healing. Their functions include identifying, attacking, destroying and finally removing abnormal cells through the body’s lymph system and organs of elimination. Strategies to strengthen and build these natural defenses to prevent or treat cancer include a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods and supplementation. Chlorella, mushroom extracts, aloe vera, and milk thistle are just a few of the many supplements that strengthen the body’s natural defenses.

4. Oxygen

The more toxic the body, the less oxygen is delivered to cells. Oxygen starvation at the cellular level leads to disease; in fact, it’s an undisputed fact that cancer cells cease to grow when blood and tissues are sufficiently oxygenated. There are many ways to oxygenate the body, including a highly alkaline diet (80% raw). This raises the body’s internal PH which enhances the transport of oxygen to cells. Regular exercise, deep breathing, and adequate consumption of pure water are other simple methods to increase oxygen uptake. Ozone, which is activated oxygen, may be used therapeutically in the home by drinking ozonated water and using ozone saunas. Hospitals in Mexico, Europe and Malaysia administer intravenous ozone infusions with great success. There are also clinics in the United States; however, they operate under threat of FDA reprisal and confiscation of ozone equipment. For more information about oxygen therapies and ozone visit ( , ( , and ( .

5. Natural Chemotherapies

There are many natural, non-toxic chemotherapies that directly or indirectly kill malignancies. None of them are stand-alone treatments however, and should be considered as one component of a comprehensive protocol. Amygdalin, also known as laetrile or vitamin B17, selectively targets and destroys cancer cells while healthy cells remain unharmed. The substance is naturally occurring in many plant foods, including apple seeds, bitter almonds and apricot pits, and may also be obtained through oral supplements or administered intravenously. Four decades worth of clinical evidence and case studies attest to its efficacy. Supplements may be found online, and many hospitals in Mexico and Europe administer intravenous laetrile; however, the FDA has deemed this therapy illegal in the States. Other treatments that indirectly kill cancer cells include shark liver oil, a formula called Protocel and melatonin, all of which cut off the blood supply to tumors.

6. Lifestyle Changes

Deep, restful sleep is an important part of an effective healing strategy. During sleep our bodies undergo the processes of rebuilding, detoxifying and healing. The liver works during the deepest level of sleep, the delta level, to break down and eliminate carcinogens. Additionally, sleeping in complete darkness contributes to healthy levels of melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland that promotes restful sleep. Eating three hours before sleep, especially protein, should be avoided since it diverts the body’s healing efforts to digestion. The value of adequate sleep should not be overlooked because without it our healing efforts will be compromised.

Other lifestyle changes include sunlight exposure and daily exercise. Research links lack of sunlight to certain cancers and vitamin D from sunlight has been shown to shrink tumors. Adequate exposure during the early morning or late afternoon hours is the safest way to obtain the restorative benefits of sunlight. The darker one’s pigmentation, the more exposure is necessary. Avoid over-exposure during the hottest part of the day as sunburns can damage skin and promote cancer.

Regular exercise speeds up the elimination of toxins and is necessary to keep the body oxygenated and to improve lymphatic function while building immunity. These therapeutic benefits can be achieved through moderate exercise at least three times per week and gradually increasing duration and/or intensity as new thresholds are reached.

The body, through its resilience, will heal itself when given what it needs. Its sustenance however is not the end of the story. Addressing the mind and emotions is the second component of the holistic approach that should not be overlooked.

7. A Positive Attitude

Developing a positive attitude will reduce psychological stress and profoundly aid the healing process. A cancer survivor can achieve this in part by becoming proactive through researching alternative options. This is an empowering strategy and gives one a firm sense of control. There are innumerable books and websites that outline alternative cancer therapies. One of many extensive sites and a good place to begin research is ( .

There are also many inspiring books and success stories written by cancer survivors - including A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm, The No-Dairy Breast Cancer Prevention Program by Jane Plant, Ph.D., and Cancer: Curing the Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation, by Dr. William D. Kelley, DDS, to name but three. These encouraging stories give one a strong sense of hope which is essential for survival.

Each individual has the power to control their own thoughts and attitudes, thereby creating their reality. A constructive outlook perceives a cancer diagnosis as a necessary life-changing event and an opportunity to transform one’s life.

8. Spiritual Cleansing

Spirituality is the third aspect of the holistic paradigm and refers to our sense of peace. It involves settling unresolved conflicts, forgiving and asking forgiveness, liberating toxic emotions such as anger, bitterness, hatred, resentment, regret, and fear, while embracing our capacity for love, compassion and joy. Spiritual cleansing is a process that can be achieved through various means, including meditation, affirmations, visualization and/or prayer.

These strategies should be embraced by the cancer survivor as permanent lifestyle changes. Occasional diversions are to be expected, but one should try not to lose focus. Although it may at times be difficult to remain faithful to the holistic protocol, its benefits over conventional treatments are beyond measure. Furthermore, the regimen becomes increasingly rewarding once healing begins and measurable results are achieved. The holistic protocol creates a physical, emotional and spiritual environment that simply will not support cancer.

Source:  Mary Laredo at Natural News,, Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine

No Matter Where You May Roam, the Best Part is Coming Home… (or is it?)

Yesterday, as I drove into the sweet city that I call home from our latest tour (playing with my band, The Smoking Flowers, a duo consisting of myself and my husband, Scott),  I couldn’t help but re-cap on all the adventure we had over the last month on the road in our vintage Volvo (that broke down twice along the way!).  The new friends, cities, cool venues, old friends, new fans, and experiences that make up why I Iove to travel playing our music.  I could just stay home in my cozy environment, continue to fight my cancer and work hard at another job to make enough money to live at a certain standard, but I would be trading a lot.   I’ve finally found a healthy rhythm on the road with my cancer diet, juicing and holistic protocols.  It hasn’t been easy and makes what I am fighting a lot harder and less convenient, but I feel more alive than ever before.  I’m at home now, and soooo glad to be, but, oddly, I think I miss the road already.  Maybe it’s because I don’t think about my cancer fight so much.  Not that I am trying not to think of it.  That’s impossible.  But when you are non stop doing what you love to do every night (we had 2 nights off the whole tour!) it becomes a form of medicine, right?  That’s a dose of medicine I think I needed.  So until my next round of “road medicine”… Hello Nashville, hello sweet pets, hello comfy bed, hello my dear friends that I missed so much.  Now all seems right in the world.


After a show in Toronto Canada.  A stop by Niagara Falls on our 14th anniversary.  09/25/13


Driving through the Adirondacks leaving a show in Vermont.  Stuffed into our vintage Volvo 240 station wagon.


Our name in lights at the historic Columbus Theatre… a lovely sight in the cool town of Providence, RI.


Scott catches me in the raw.  A much needed day off on Assateague Island, Maryland… filled with wild ponies and beautiful dunes.


The Warrior and The Wishbone Turns 1 Today!

Thanks to all of you that have followed me and my story this last year. I’ve been bad about posting this summer… Enjoying the road and life a little too much, I suppose! But I promise I have some more posts coming soon. I’m also revamping this blog a bit, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, thank you all for your encouragement and healing words, thoughts and prayers during my healing journey. It’s a big part of my medicine.